Home Remedies for Lyme Disease


Home Remedies for Lyme disease

Home remedies for lyme disease offers some relief to this disease that is caused due to infection of bacteria. The disease is spread through the bite of blacklegged tick. The symptoms of the disease becomes evident in days or even weeks after infections.

Causes of Lyme Disease

B. burgdorferi bacteria is causative agent for Lyme disease. The bacteria grow in deer tick but can infect human when bitten by the tick.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease:

  • Flulike primary illness
  • Facial palsy or paralysis
  • In some cases meningitis develops that results in headache, fever, and stiff neck.
  • Due to swelling in the nerves numbness and tingling in the arms or legs may be witnessed.
  • It may lead to encephalitis with features like confusion, and dementia.
  • One may develop an arthritis that affects knee or wrist.
  • Swelling of the heart carditis is also observed in some cases.

Home Remedies for Lyme Disease:

  • Garlic is an effective home remedy for lyme disease.

  • Garlic should be included to your diet as it is a highly effective home remedy for lyme disease.

  • The mushroom ganoderma is highly effective in curing the swelling and infection.

  • One can also use the herb cat's claw as an effective home remedy for lyme disease remedies.

  • One should keep their body fully covered while traveling through wooded or grassy parts.

  • Lemon eucalyptus oil is also effective in the treatment of lyme disease.



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