Home Remedies for Mononucleosis


Home Remedies for Mononucleosis

Various people get benefited from home rRemedies for Mononucleosis. This disease is popularly known as mono and characterized by flu like symptoms. These symptoms may disappear in a week or so. The patient is advised to take complete rest and lots of fluids and water. The causative agent for the disease is Epstein-Bar Virus (EPV). The disease can be easily tacked by using various natural remedies for mononucleosis.

Causes of Mononucleosis:




Loss of appetite



Body aches

Enlarged spleen and/or liver

Abdominal pain

Difficulty breathing

Symptoms of Mononucleosis

Lack of energy or malaise


Reduced appetite,


Sore throat


Swollen lymph nodes

Home Remedies for Monnonucleosis:

· One should take complete rest while suffering from the mononucleosis. Going to work and exerting yourself hard can only worsen the situation. So getting complete rest is one of the most efficient home remedies for mononucleosis.

· A strep throat can also result in mono so one should treat the strep throat as the symptoms appear. For this one can apply several home remedies like gargling with warm saltwater for few times in a day

· While suffering from the mononucleosis one should keep their skin moist all the time. This help in recovering from the symptoms.
· One should take lots of drink and liquid to deal with the symptoms of mononucleosis.
· Those with smoking habit should quit smoking for speedy recovery.



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