Home Remedies for Nephritis


Home Remedies for Nephritis

Home remedies for nephritis offers a great relief from the disease in which the spaces between the tubules get reduced due to swelling. Due to this reason, the kidney functions get affected to a large extent. The disease is most commonly caused by the allergy to certain drugs and medication.

Causes of Nephritis:

Kidney problems
Autoimmune reasons
Lupus nephritis
Poisoning of certain kinds
Certain medications
Certain metabolic disorders
Chronic kidney swelling
Chemical poisoning
Yellow fever
Certain chemicals
Urethral stricture
Tuberculosis of kidney
Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis

Symptoms of Nephritis:

Blood in the urine
Changes in the volume of urine
Mental instability
Some parts of the body may get inflamed
Weight gain

Home Remedies for Nephritis:

· Carrot juice could be savior for those suffering with various symptoms of nephritis. For best results, one should mix carrot juice with a teaspoon full of honey and same amount of lemon juice and consume it in empty stomach in morning.

· With its very low salt and protein and high level of carbohydrates, banana is an ideal home remedy for nephritis. One should take half a dozen of bananas to get benefited from this fruit.

· Coconut water is also an ideal home remedy for nephritis. One should consume tender coconut for the effective treatment of nephritis.

· Avocado is also a good home remedy for nephritis.

· Grapes are also a natural home remedy for the treatment of nephritis as it is rich in water and potassium.

· In addition to these, one should take balanced diet as it helps to return from the various symptoms of nephritis.



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