Home Remedies for Piles


Home Remedies for Piles

People suffering from piles or hemorrhoids often resort to home remedies for piles to get some relief from this disease. Piles are enlarged and swollen veins in rectum. The problem is caused due to pressure on external and internal veins in rectum and anus. If it becomes severe it becomes painful and puts us in embarrassing conditions.

Causes of Plies:

Inadequate intake of fibres
Silting for long times on toilet
Putting pressure for bowel
Tumor in the pelvis
Hard stool

Symptoms of Piles

Bright red blood on stool
Anal itching
Painful swelling
Hard lump around the anus

Home remedies for Piles:

Piles or hemorrhoids may have very effective medicines in allopathy but wisdom and cures inherited from the forefathers and grandma remedies are no less. One can find a large number of home remedies to set the things right. And most of the times these home remedies work wonders for the treatment of this disease that causes a lot of discomfort to individuals and puts them in embarrassing conditions. The most significant aspect of these remedies is that they don’t put extra pressure on your purse strings. You can treat your ailment by locally available herbs and bringing some changes in your lifestyle. Let us have a look on how to manage this problem.

• One can take over the counter drugs like Aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen to reduce the pain that is often caused due to piles. But this remedy only provides a provisional relief and one should think that the problem has passed away. So one should resort to permanent cure of this disease.

• Wiping anal area with dry toilet paper may aggravate the irritation and itchiness. So the patient is advised use moist, toilet paper. Here is a word of caution: one shouldn’t use paper that is perfumed or contains alcohol as this make the problem worse.

• Taking warm bath is also an effective home remedy for piles.

•Applying an ice pack or a cold compress is also an effective home remedy for piles.



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