Schizophrenia - Do not allow it to control your life

If you are of the opinion that it is physical that all you require you are wrong, as being in senses or being mentally fit is equally important to live a good life. Nowadays mental disorders are taking toll of human health and a sizable number of individuals are falling prey to the several mental disorders including schizophrenia. The disease called schizophrenia is a very complex type of mental problem and takes a toll on patient’s social and family life. Hence it is also called split personality disorder. The disease snatches the ability to think rationally and identify the real and imaginary things. Those affected behave abnormally in social situations and find themselves unable to control emotions.

Figure out the reasons

Let us find out the reasons behind this disease called schizophrenia. Although the reasons behind the disease are yet to be found out, researchers pinpoint some genetic factors behind the development of this disease. If one of the members of the family is suffering from this disease the chances of other members to develop this disease is more as compared to families where there is no history of this disease. Sometimes environmental factors also play a key role in the development of this disease. The disease is more common among teenagers and adults. Men and women are equally at the risk of getting this disease.

Those suffering from this disease find it hard to manage work and social life as they have feelings like sadness, depression and anxiety that impart a negative effect to their personality. Sometimes they also have a feeling of suicide in their minds. A feeling of tension or anxiety, insomnia and inability to concentrate are other symptoms.

Self help tips

One should refrain from treating this diseases at his own due to complex nature of this disease home remedies for schizophrenia can help to a certain extent but it can not be the substitute of the regular medication. One is advised to take a diet rich in nutrients. Use of alcohols and drugs should be avoided. One should use the whole grain and fresh fruits and vegetables in order to get respite from this disease.


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