Home Remedies for a Sluggish Liver

Home Remedies for a Sluggish Liver


Liver is one of the most important organs of the human body and impairment to its function gives a host of problems. A large percentage of population suffers from the problem of sluggish liver. This problem finds an expression in the forms of reduced bile flow or cholestasis. Due to liver sluggishness one can find strange reactions to medication and even some food items. One can consult qualified physicians to get help. Home remedies for sluggish liver also help to a great extent. Here, natural remedies have a great role to play.


Here we will find out the causes of sluggish liver. Accumulation of fat is one of the most important reasons for the sluggish liver. Due to this problem, the liver functions become slow. Consumptions of fried or junk food also add to the problem obesity or being overweight can also be linked with the problem of sluggish liver.


After thoroughly dealing with the causes of sluggish liver it is time to get into depth what are the symptoms of sluggish liver. A liver with reduced ability can also affect the immune system of the body. Tiredness, digestive disorders, high cholesterol, cardiac problems and cellulite are some of the manifestations of sluggish liver. Reduced memory, skin rashes and mood swing are other symptoms of sluggish liver.

Home Remedies for a Sluggish Liver

Milk thistle is one of the important home remedies for sluggish liver. This herb helps in regeneration of liver cells and provides a safeguard against the thing that may harm the liver. Intake of gentian and dandelion root are used to enhance various digestive function and these herbs also works well in the case of sluggish liver. One should also take vitamin C and minerals as it help repair the liver cells damaged due to alcohol and smoke. So one should include citrus fruits in his diet. Intake of lecithin also helps to a great extent. Globe artichoke, dandelion root and vitamin C taken together also helps in enhancing various liver functions. For the major problems one should visit a physician.

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