Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow


Home remedies for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition in which outer part of the elbow receives an inflammation. Known as lateral epicondylitis in medical terms, this condition is caused by the overuse of the elbows. Here the inflammation takes place in the tendons that connects forearm with the elbows. The problem causes pain and calls for medical attention. People who overexert or do repetitive use of elbows are more chances to get the disease as compared to others. Not only sportspersons but often peoples in menial works also get affected from this problem.

Causes of Tennis Elbow:

Let us inquire into the causes of tennis elbow. As far as causes of tennis elbow are concerned repetitive use of the elbow is one of the most important causes. Not only sportspersons but also manual laborers working with their hands are equally at risk. Some of the risk professions for tennis elbow are painting, plumbing and gardening that require repetitive use of hands. Sport persons in particular playing tennis and badminton are high at risk. Even butchers, cooks and autoworkers can get the disease more than others. People in the age group of 30 to 60 are high at risk. In case of sport persons wrong techniques of sport are responsible for this.

Self help tips

Although the situation requires immediate medical attention one can use home remedies for tennis elbow to get relief to a certain extent. Here we are enlisting certain tips that might help you get relief from this problem. One should place an icepack on the affected area as it reduces the inflammation. A heat pack should also be given alternatively with ice pack, as it is known for offering great relief from pain and tenderness. Application of potato pack has also been found effective in the treatment pain and inflammations. Celery fluid mixed with lukewarm water has been found effective in the treatment of tennis elbow and related disorders. One should take a diet that is rich in nutrients. Fishes should also be consumed as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and helps in dealing with the symptoms of tennis elbow.



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