How Essential is Copper in Human Body?


How Essential is Copper in Human Body?

Besides carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and vitamins, our body also needs small amount of different types of minerals to complete the daily metabolism. These minerals reach us from different foods, food products, liquids, juices and water. Iron and copper are amongst the most essential minerals required for healthy life and to complete a perfect metabolism.

The Copper is not synthesis in our body, so it needs to intake from different sources in which Tamra Jal (Copper Water) can be one of prime source of Copper intake. According to medical practitioners, there is a need of 1.4 and 2.1mg of copper per kilogramme of any adult body weight. It means for instance a healthy human weighing 60 kgs contains approximately a tenth of one gram of copper. But this small amount is extremely essential for living healthy life.

The following diseases occur in Copper deficiency:

Anemia, Low body temperature, Brittle bones, Osteoporosis, Dilated veins, Low white blood cell count, Uneven heartbeat, Elevated cholesterol levels, Low resistance to infections, Birth defects, Low skin pigmentation, Thyroid disorders, lethargy, paleness, sores, edema, stunted growth, hair loss, anorexia, diarrhea, bleeding under the skin and dermatitis.

In infant boys, inherited copper deficiency of Menkes' syndrome can happen rarely, where natural absorption of copper becomes impossible. Early medical intervention is vital in such cases.

Tamrajal is beneficial in preventing these diseases, as it is an excellent source of copper minerals. There is no harm to take copper water regularly as it withdraw the chances of excessive copper intake in our body that cause another problems. The regular copper water intake fulfills half of our copper mineral requirement while the rest can be completed by taking copper rich foods.

The methods of preparing Tamrajal (Copper Water)

Preparing Tamrajal is very easy. You just need a copper pot or copper wire. There are two methods of preparing Tamrajal (copper water). In the first method, fill a pot made of pure copper containing over 2-litre capacity with drinking water in the night, capped it and leave it at room temperature.

The alternative method is to fill a pot made of glass and input a copper rod in the water for 10-12 hours. The copper ions begin to release in the water and kill the harmful bacteria and micro organisms. The water becomes ionised in 8-10 hours.


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