Udvartana is a body scrub lymphatic massage with natural herbs and grain mix, called ubatan. There is a general concept of using oil for massage is necessary but udvartana does not use any type of oil for body massage. Instead of the oils they use paste prepared from the ground grains that is applied to the whole body that show many therapeutic benefits.

The paste used in udvartana therapy are completely herbal in nature that are made with the help of various organic grains, flours, herbs and oils which are applied to the entire body with upward strokes. The therapy is quite effective for the people having kapha dosha.

Udvartana is carried out in seven different positions that helps to reduce excess fat accumulated in the body especially in the sub cutaneous tissues. Moreover, it also reduces the fat accumulated around the abdomen and in the inner thighs of women due to various nutritional disorders.

In addition to that, practicing udvartana stimulates the lymphatic circulation in the body and also helps in the treatment of diseases like edema, lymph drainage, rosacea, eczema, or any pitta skin conditions like adult acne.

Moreover, udvartana therapy is quite effective in case of many health issues such as reduction of cholesterol; obesity, skin disorders, and stimulates the mobility of the joints and in strengthening of body muscles.

Thus, udvartana therapy in panchkarma has its own significance for refreshing the body and the mind and to cope against several physical as well as mental problems.



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