Uzhichil is a form of ayurvedic massage therapy, which is effective in the rejuvenation of the nervous and muscular systems of the body and also stimulates the blood circulation. Uzhichil is one of the most effective massage therapies in panchakarma that involves the application of pressure to the specific parts of the body along with oil and thus stimulate the circulation as well as the nervous system.

The use of uzhichil mainly depends upon the prakrutham or physical nature of a person and is also useful in uplifting the general fitness of a person with the help of oiling and massaging. Commonly a special type of oil preparation called Mukkoott oil is used in this therapy.

The application of uzhichil therapy requires the deep knowledge of vital spots (referred as marmas in Ayurveda) and the energetic channels of the body (referred as nadis in Ayurveda) to get the maximum benefit of the massage.

There are basically two types of uzhichil called Kaiuzhichil and Chavuttiuzhichil. Kaiuzhichil therapy is done with the hands, and is especially designed for children and those having light body like old age person and woman. Chavuttiuzhichil therapy is done with the help of feet, most commonly it is used for the young and healthy persons. If you love hard body massage, this is the best option for you.

How to perform uzhichil?

It you want to get the actual benefits of uzhichil, and then it is highly recommended to go for a trained therapist, as it requires adequate knowledge of specific points of the body. In this therapy the oil is first poured to the head and then allowed to stay there for a specific period of time. This process of murdha taila is called shirovasti. To make it more effective, a leak proof hat is fixed around the head to keep the oil intact for a certain period of time. This therapy complete in 4 to 7 days and the pressure and force of massage keeps on increasing till the fourth day and then reduced subsequently from to the seventh day.

Uzhichil is quite effective to minimize the pressure on the heart and is also quite effective for the treatment of mantel related disorder, like alleviating anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, mental stress, headache, and travel stress.


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