What is Netra Tarpan?


The ancient Indian healing philosophy of Ayurveda unlike the western medical traditions has a more holistic approach in addressing any disease or disorder in the psycho somatic process. Just as in all Ayurvedic treatment restoration the order of the organic function is aimed in response to the disorder of the organ, similarly with Netra Tarpan Ayurvedic therapy addresses the holistic approach to eye care. Here rather than using any Ayurvedic medicine in direct contact with the inside of the eyes much in the fashion of so called eye drops, a different process is administered which works on the closed eye just from outside as in oil massage therapies of Ayurvedic tradition like Koti Basti, Janu Basti, Hrid Basti, etc.

Nettra in Sanskrit means eyes and Tarpan refers to nourishment or rehydration process. So accumulatively the term means nourishment of eyes or in a way rehydration of eyes. Netra Tarpan is the Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation treatment provided especially as part of Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurvedic care facilities.

How Netra Tarpan works?

Remember like all Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments you can only be given this treatment after consulting with a certified Ayurvedic practitioner who will judge the relevance of Netra Tarpan according to your clinical condition before directing you to go for it and it must be provided by the experienced Ayurvedic therapists in a Ayurvedic clinic and not as a readily available cosmetic rejuvenation procedure for your sore eyes.

Just like other rejuvenation treatment with hot oil retention over a particular place of the body called Basti in traditional Ayurvedic term, in Netra Tarpan firstly the areas around the eyes are anointed with ghee or medicated ointment to smoothen and rejuvenate the surrounding muscles and skin and for proper blood circulation in those areas. Then dough made circumference is prepared and installed around each eye which would look like small dams around the hollows of the eyes. Now a medicated Ayurvedic oil preparation in moderately warm temperature is poured gently on the closed eyes of the patient. Remember during the whole process the patient has to lie straight on his back closing eyes and not making any disruptive body movements so that the retention of the medicated oil on the closed eye surface has to move frequently. Normally the medicated oil is retained in the eye grove for as long as 10 minutes or as directed by the physician. After removal of the oil a nourishing massage with medicated oil is to be given on the surrounding muscles and areas.

Health Benefit of Netra Tarpan

Netra Tarpan as a healing and rejuvenating treatment for eyes without any surgical procedure or medicinal use that can leave any side effects on the organ has been prescribed and preferred by people from ancient ages. The wide array of healing consequences that Netra Tarpan can provide for all types of eye disorder or eyesight related problems include sore eyesight, dry eyes, scratching and burning sensation of eyes, redness of eyes and irritation, pain in the eyes, vision impairment, sensitivity to light, blurring vision, conjunctivitis, night blindness, myopia, glaucoma, cataract, squinting of eyes, etc.



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