Health benefits of Yoga


The health benefits of yoga have been known for years due to its remarkable effectiveness and efficiency. The health benefits of yoga have been also mentions in the ancient texts of ayurveda, the ancient science of healing in India. Yoga is in practice for more than 5000 years and since then to the present time the popularity and effect of yoga has not depreciated due to its unmatchable health benefits.

Various researches in Yoga has proved that regular yoga practice is extremely beneficial for our health from many point of view including physical, mental as well as spiritual benefits. Some of the major health benefits of practicing yoga on regular basis are:

Stress reduction:

The various postures and asanas of yoga takes you to a world of calmness and helps you to reduce stress from your busy schedule. The different postures of yoga require intimate balance and concentration and thus very effective in reducing stress.

Increased fitness:

Performing yoga on regular basis helps you to improve balance; flexibility and strength of the body that makes you feel more energised.

Management of health conditions:

Yoga can be extremely beneficial for avoiding many health issues that are regarded as chronic health conditions and includes diseases like cancer, depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Weight loss:

If you are facing the problem of excessive weight gain, yoga is a one stop solution for you. Performing yoga on regular basis helps you to control excessive fat gain and also beneficial for burning extra calories.

Muscle tone:

Yoga: Practicing yoga on daily basis is one of the best way to keep your body fit, toned and in shape.

Pain Prevention:

Yoga is known to stimulate the flexibility and strength of the muscles that helps you to prevent from back pain and muscle pain. It is highly recommendable for people who sit in office for long time continuously.

Better Breathing:

Most of the people don't know how to breathe properly. Yogic exercise called "Pranayama" teaches you how to breathe properly with the better use of lungs that benefits the entire body. In addition to that, Pranayama also help clear the nasal passages and beneficial for the central nervous system, thus providing both physical and mental benefits.

Mental Calmness:

Performing Yoga asana is highly beneficial for improving concentration of a person and also brings calmness to the mind. Meditation techniques of Yoga have various mental benefits.

Increases body Awareness:

Practicing yoga on regular basis helps you to increase your knowledge about your body. This helps in gaining self-confidence and good posture of the body.


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