Regular Exercise


We are almost reeling under the tremendous life threatening effects of modern life style and unhealthy living habits that is causing so large a population to suffer from the regular and chronic diseases worldwide. Several diseases that actually stem from the inorganic life style are reaching to epidemic proportion and encompassing millions of people as the victims of these diseases. Many of these diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, etc. have a direct relation with lack of physical movement and absence of any regular exercise. The absence of regular exercise and body movements is known to create almost all the physical difficulties and life style diseases. Let us see how important role regular exercise can play in treating various life style diseases and how regular exercise plays an instrumental role in maintaining the gross wellness of health.

Obesity is a disease that is mainly caused by the excess accumulation of body fat and according to clinical study this accumulation is largely occurred through the absence of any physical movement or regular exercise making incoherence between calorie accumulation and calorie expenditure. Regular exercise actually let our physical process spend the acquired energy through our food intake and thus do not let the burden of fat produce physical syndromes like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, heart and blood pressure disorders occur.

Regular exercise is known to produce some of the regular hormones in our body which with the absence of natural body movements is likely to be irregular in producing and functioning normally. For a great majority of population in the world who live in the villages or physically challenging natural as well as climatic conditions, regular exercise is not needed to be followed likewise in cities as the living hood in those areas compel people to have enough physical exertion and regular exercise almost day in and day out. But in cities or in civic areas where automobiles, transport systems, electronic gadgets, technological goods almost prevent people from making any physical movement or natural and regular exercise, people become more vulnerable to numerous life style diseases. This is the reason why various methods of regular exercise and physical movements have become so popular in the civic space as the natural healing process for diseases and overall physical wellbeing.


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