Yoga for Working Professionals


Yoga for Working Professionals

In today's working environment when there is no time limit for work, the working professionals are living a hectic life leading to several health problems. Most of the working professionals are victim of stress, pain, anxiety, obesity and other problems. They don't have time to think about the health issues with goes on degrading day by day. Sitting for the whole day in front of computer, sitting in the chair in a similar posture for hours, taking too much stress of workload, working late night are the major reasons of health problems for a working professional. suggests a series of yoga practices that are very effective and helpful for a healthy living of a professional. Yoga is helpful to improve the fitness and flexibility of the body and stimulating the internal organs to improve the immunity of the body. It is quite beneficial in stress reduction and relaxation too. Thus, practice of yoga for working professionals is quite effective and highly recommended. Some of the most common yoga practices recommended for the working professionals include:

Bhujangaasna (Cobra pose): 

Bhujangaasna is the most effective backward bending asana of hatha yoga, which is extremely beneficial for the working professionals especially for those who sit for a long time in the same position. Practicing Bhujangaasna relieves the strain and pain in the back due to wrong posture. It also helps in regulating indigestion. To begin with Bhujangaasna, first of all lie in your belly with your head resting on your arms. Now, raise your head upward and stretch your hands backward. Now, raise your head a little backward from the neck and the chin. Move the belly backward more and more as you feel that someone is pulling your arms. Further, try to raise your chest maximum with your hands in the mat for support and try to stretch your arms and make them perpendicular to the ground. Now, feel all the weight on your arms and relax the lower back. Relax the buttock and breath normally, which will move your chest upward. Keep this position for sometime and than release slowly in the reverse order.

Sarvangasna (Shoulder's stand): 

Sarvangasna is perfect for the restless workers as it stretch your cervical and thoracic regions and thus making the spines flexible. This is done in three steps. Firstly, select a large space and lie flat on your back. Your feet should be together in the right angle. Take a deep breath while placing your legs in that position. Now, push your hands under your buttock with fingers pointing the spine. Now, release the breath gently and raise your body with the help of your hands. In the third step, move your hands upward in the back and breath calm. Your legs should be straight during this. Hold in this position as per your capability from few seconds to few minutes. Now, to release the position first bring down your legs half towards the floor and put your hands on the floor and release the position slowly.

Patahastasana (Foot Hand pose):

Patahastasana is as important yoga in order to strengthen the chess, upper and lower part of the body. It is very helpful in reducing fat around the belly. To practice this first of all stand straight with your hands upward in tala asana. Now release your breath and bent your upper body forward with your hand extended throughout. Now, take an inside breathe slowly and lighten your spine. Look upward with your head and neck pointing forward. Again, release your breath and relax your head, neck and spine in the downward direction. During this position your fingers and palms should be under your toes. Now to release the position first release your fingers from the toes, move your arms straight and inhale and again come back to the initial position of tala asana. 

Trikonasana (Triangular pose):

Trikonasana is an important yoga recommended to strengthen the back and the ribs. Moreover, it also reduces the fats near the hips and reduces the chance of hamstrings. This is very simple to perform in few steps. First of all stand in a straight position and stretch your legs apart. Your hands should also be stretched in a horizontal position. Now, take a breath and turn your head right with pointing the tip of your hand. Also, turn your right feet right in 90 degrees. Now, exhale slowly and bend your upper body right with your right hands touching the right ankle. Move the left hand upward during this position. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Now release this position and repeat again in a reverse way.

Thus, by giving few minutes to the above-mentioned yoga a working professional can get rid of several problems of stress, pain and anxiety and can live a healthy life. Hence, yoga for working professionals is highly beneficial and recommended.


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