What is Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose?


Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose as it is more commonly known is a regular exercise in the Yoga regimen that can as well be practiced by the advanced and beginner level or intermediate level practitioners. This Yoga pose typically involves some physical challenges corresponding to the spine movement and flexibility of the lower back and waist, but as it has been observed in numerous cases with the practice and persistence only the perfection of this pose can be attained and in the beginning most practitioners are seen only to show a certain level of perfection that is less than the absolute and authentic pose. Here is how you can practice Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose in some simple and easy steps and can gradually develop yourself to perfect the pose.

How to do Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose?

This is basically a pose that you need to master gradually with practice and persistence rather than quick and fast as most people perceive Yoga as something ready to do as in a game. Let us describe the steps to do Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose.

  1. To begin with just sit comfortably and breathe some fresh air. Now place your legs in bent position with your back facing the ground and hands placed firmly on the ground supporting the body.
  2. Now while in this position adjust the length of your body so as to be supported better by the arms and legs. Place your arms with just 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet distance between them and this is same with the legs.
  3. Now slowly hang your head backward from the neck and continue breathing normally.
  4. More flexible and supple your waist and back would become more you would be able to lift your body up and form a half round arch from the legs to the bent body to the arms on the other side.

Health benefits of Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose

Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose or is an all round exercise that provides strenuous physical exhaustion to the whole body and as for flexibility and attaining suppleness of the body movement this pose has no alternative. Perfection in doing this Yoga pose as per authentic measure is indicative of your great fitness level and hence less vulnerability to many organic malfunctions or inflexibility. Here are some of the distinct health benefits of Catuspadapitham or Crab Pose.

  1. Most importantly it opens several vital organs and provides massage and contraction to heart, stomach, abdominal organs and muscles. Good for heart, breathing related issues and digestion as well.
  2. This pose helps to relieve physical Stress completely as it provides strains to almost all parts of body.
  3. This asana is particularly good for lower back, spine and spine muscles and can provide relief from painful syndromes.
  4. With this Asana the muscles of the limbs like thighs, calves and arms are massaged thoroughly and can be greatly relieving for all sorts of arthritic conditions.



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