What is Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose?


Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose is a regular Yoga pose with great range of health benefits that can as well be attained by a beginner level Yoga practitioner with the continuance of this exercise. The pose looks much simple in terms of so called challenging bodily stretching exercises involved in Yoga. This pose do involve stretching also, well, but the main benefit of the pose lies in stretching that can even be managed by a Overweight or Obese person also. Some people practice this pose as the part of a series of poses and one of these poses are called Chakravakasana sequence or Moon Bird Pose. Let us now see how in simple few steps you can practice this pose.

How to do Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose?

Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose is a very simple pose that only needs few simple stretching poses on an even surface, preferably upon a mattress or a soft padding under your knee. Practice this Asana in a natural ambience to get the full benefits of this pose. Like almost all Yoga exercises for this pose also early morning is considered to be the best time. This pose can be practiced by old and children, fit, athletic and comparably unfit people alike as this is simple and most easy going posture. Let us now see the steps to practice this Asana.

  1. Come on your all four over the mat. With a comfortable gap between the arms supporting your shoulder and between the knees, just face downwards supporting the body on arms and knees.
  2. Make sure a few things in this position. First of all the shoulder, neck and the back all preferably should be parallel forming a table like countenance in shape.
  3. Now inhale and exhale breath calmly while concentrating on your breath as it helps to pacify the mind.

Health benefits of Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose

This simple yet moving pose can render immense benefits to multiple organs and organic functions. Besides just physical health benefits it is good for pacifying mind and increasing concentration as well. To gain all the benefits of this pose on both mind and body you need to attain perfection of the pose and it is needless to say, for that you need to persistently keep on practicing this pose for a considerable time. Here are some distinct health benefits of Chakravakasana or Moon Bird Pose.

  1. First of all as a stretching exercise it directly benefits the spine and back muscles and can cure all sorts of back pain trouble.
  2. With much emphasis on shoulder and balance on arms it is good for developing and toning arms' muscles and making shoulder joint supple.
  3. It is a good exercise for lubricating knee joint as well.
  4. This simple exercise can even be a great means to curb Obesity or Overweight syndromes especially for people who cannot easily practice all challenging Yoga asanas due to their bulky physical shape.



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