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Mahaaushadhi is a little effort of Roseindia to serve the society through its various channels like online consultation to the doctors, to solve the queries of patients though mail, letters and personal visiting. To enhance our reach across the world, we have begun this website so that people can be aware about diseases, their causes, symptoms, and their remedies.

As nowadays, peoples are now approaching to shift again from allopathic medicine systems to alternative medicine systems due to several reasons like not getting holistic treatments of several diseases, and getting lots of side effects and after effects from it. On the contrary, Ayurvedic and other alternative medicine systems not only heal the diseases completely but also provides no side or after effects. This is encouraging the people to accept the strength of Ayurveda.

In order to promote the forbidden strength of Ayurveda, Roseindia Technologies has initiated this step. This website provide information about most of the frequent diseases and epidemics. Our professional team has tried to cover up most of the known diseases, and offered Ayurvedic medicines, herbal treatments and home remedies of those.

For this, we have a strong team of ayurvedic medical practioners and expert writers who provides information in very professional ways. Besides providing information, we serve the society by providing most effective ayurvedic and herbal medicines at extremely competitive prices.

If you want to get benefits from Ayurveda, or become hopeless to be cured, contact to us through any means .i.e. mail, phone, letter or personal visiting to us, we will pleased to serve you a lot.

Following our vision of promoting Ayurveda for complete wellness, we have opened our first 'Panchakarma Centre' under the umbrella of 'MATA JAGI DEVI AYURVEDA AND YOGA RESEARCH INSTITUTE' at Rohini, Delhi.

At Mata Jagi Devi Ayurveda and Yoga Research Institute, we aim to focus on the alternative medicinal system for the prevention and treatment of various common as well as chronic ailments like Arthritis, Paralysis, Skin diseases, Acidity, Hair Fall, Stone, Jaundice, Blood Pressure, Psoriasis, Leucorrhoea and many others.

We have a group of certified professional experts having years of experience in the ayurvedic treatment of various disease who are constantly involved in helping patients to make the best treatment for them.

Mata Jagi Devi Ayurveda and Yoga Research Institute is also engaged in 'Panchakarma therapy', one of the most effective therapies for relaxation and rejuvenation in Ayurveda with our special expertise in 'Sirodhara', 'Katibasti', 'Netra tarpana', 'Nasya', 'Udvartana', 'Swarga Shehan', 'Searga Swedan', 'Pind Sweda', 'Janu Brasti' and other panchakarma therapy.

So, visit us at Mata Jagi Devi Ayurveda and Yoga Research Institute for your complete health solutions and live a healthy life for a longer period of time.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to carry Ayurveda to everyone's home, as it is a very effective healing system that cares the people with love.

Our Mission

Our short-term mission is to reach in every metropolitan city while our long-term mission is to reach at the remotest areas across the country.

You Can Reach to us:

By mail: Deepak@roseindia.net

By Phone: +91-9313063554



By letters or personal visiting:

G-30/69, Sector: 03,
Rohini, Delhi - 110085.
State: Delhi (India).






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