How Ayurveda helps Diarrhoea patients


How Ayurveda helps Diarrhoea patients

Diarrhoea is a gastrointestinal disorder that involves malfunctioning of stomach or bowels. It leads to patients feeling weak and suffering from some internal complications. Diarrhoea is accompanied by frequent visits to the toilet and watery stools. This disease is at its damaging best when it affects children. As a result of this disease, children suffer from dehydration, which eventually can lead to the death of the child.

Symptoms of Diarrhoea

- Blood in stools

- Vomiting regularly

- Inconsistent urination

- Pain during passing of stools.

- Pus in faeces.

What causes Diarrhoea

- A drastic change in diet.

- Nervous disorders and intestinal disorders.

- Unhealthy and unhygienic eating habits like consuming unhygienic food or consuming diet at irregular intervals.

- Intolerance to certain medications like drugs for blood pressure or antibiotics.

- Infection by viruses, bacterial and parasites. Campylobacter and shigella are some organisms that can cause such infections.

- Pollution

- Unfavourable climate

- Alcohol and smoking

Foods and herbs advised for Diarrhoea patients

- Ginger taken in the form of tea, it acts as a great remedy for diarrhoea. Helps in cleaning the system and allows free bowel movements.

- Garlic it can be used with vegetables

- Food rich in Vitamin C like carrot, guavas and herbs like thyme and parsley.

- Yoghurt and curd

- Asafoetida

- Fruits like apple and pomegranate and banana

- Salt added to mineral water

- Ajwain- is a popular remedy for treating digestive ailments. Since ancient times, the oil from the ajwain seeds has been considered an effective disinfectant for diarrhoea infections.

- Buttermilk

- Cinnamon powder regulates the digestive process.

- Dried Amla it is an effective remedy for bacterial infections

- Papaya

Apart from these herbs and foods, we should also make a point to take some precautions like washing our hands properly before having a meal and after using toilet. Storing food in a suitable environment is extremely important to ensure it remains fresh and does not get contaminated. Too much spice also causes some problems in stomach, so we should try using a lesser quantity of spice in our foods.






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