Skin care with Ayurveda


Skin care is an integral part of a beauty regimen as beauty and skin goes together. There are various tall claims to get a glowing skin with a host of treatments but only few treatments are without any adverse effect. The India's own science of healing, Ayurveda is well known for its various skincare regimens that too without any harm. The effectiveness of Ayurveda to deal with skin problems is self-evident. In this discipline it might take some time to get results but one thing is sure; you will get benefited and effects will last for long. Skincare with Ayurveda is also cost effective as you don't have to spend a fortune on the various cosmetics made of chemicals.

The changing seasons have lots of bearing on your skin and you might be faced with rough, dry, and irritated skin while season changes or the age advances. Ayurveda suggests that it is a result of the accumulation of Vata in the body. The amount of Vata becomes large in the fall and early winter. The people aged 50 and above also face these problems. The large amount of Vata makes you vulnerable to dry skin, cracking joints, thinning dry hair, and brittle nails. Vata may get increased due to stress. Disturbing diet and extreme climatic conditions are other triggers. The secret to staying young is keeping Vata at bay.

As Vata accumulation is main deterrent in getting glowing skin so it will be wise to keep a tab on the Vata.

Include vegetable in your diet:

Include high-water content vegetables like lettuce, carrot, cucumber, daikon radish that are rich in water as these are easy to digest. These vegetable are ideal for all type of skins. So make it a habit.

Nuts and seeds are important:

Having nuts and seeds in your diet is good for the skin. Foods with natural healthy fats are good in balancing Vata. Nuts and seeds with presence of Omega-3 fatty acid, healthy fats, and fiber fit the bill.

Take hot liquids:

Keep yourself hydrated through the day by taking warm liquids including herbal tea. You can make a tea at your home by adding ginger and lemon. Its regular intake will keep your skin hydrated that is essential for a glowing skin.

Exercise for a glowing skin:

Some exercise regimens are also good for skin so you should contact your instructor and know what shoots you. Some breathing and relaxation techniques may also help.

Following these tips and acting on therapies suggested by an expert Ayurveda practitioner will help you get a glowing skin.






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