Ayurveda and Beauty


Everyone has a desire to look beautiful and in order to enhance the beauty; people try every techniques and suggestions they come to know. Ayurveda suggests many beauty tips that can certainly help you enhance your beauty and look appealing.

According to ayurveda, the overall beauty of a person is related to both inner and outer beauties and one such nurture both in order to look more beautiful and radiant. Ayurveda relates beauty to general physical health and daily care and it suggests that self-knowledge and proper daily routine helps enhance both the inner and outer beauties of an individual.

In the Ayurveda, massage therapy, healthy diet and active lifestyle are considered to be the beat practices to retain and enhance beauty. Ayurvedic facial massage stimulteas the inner centre of the brain, reflexes and facial circulation and rejuvenates the body as well as mind. In addition to that, it also releases the tension from neck, shoulders and face and circulates energy from head to toe. Moreover, many herbal extracts and oils are added in order to give you the best results.

Ayurvedic Tips for Beauty

Take a diet rich in fibre as fibre provides you with long lasting energy through the entire day and helps in evacuating the unwanted toxins from the body by stimulating good digestion.

Prefer eating foods that are low in fat. This helps you maintain your weight and supports good blood circulation in the body.

Food high in minerals keeps you look alive and active and provides you a radiant look along with good health.

Avoid the consumption of food that is rich in animal protein as they increase toxicity in the body and are hard to digest.

Alternative therapies like panchakarma, ayurvedic massage and aromatherapy are quite beneficial for beauty enhancement.

Therapies like Abhyangam (Whole body massage), Swedana, Shirodhara, Shirolepa and Ayurveda Beauty facials show excellent results to increase beauty.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Beauty

Tarpan: (Eye Treatment)

Tarpan is a specific Ayurvedic eye treatment therapy that is done to relieve the eyes from tiredness and puffiness. In addition to that, tarpan is also quite effective in reducing the dark circle around the eyes. This therapy is very beneficial for working professionals who use to sit in front of computers continuously for long hours and develop stress and dark circles in the eyes.

The procedure of netra tarpan involves facial massage with medicated ghee by storing the ghee around the eyes in a ring of wheat flour dough. This provides relaxation to the eyes and stimulates blood flow to the area and thus provides a feeling of rejuvenation and freshness to the eyes.

Shiropichu: (Hair & Scalp treatment)

Shiropichu is an ayurvedic treatment for hair and scalp that stimulates the roots of hairs and supports growth of the hairs. Shiropichu therapy also gives a healthy and strong appearance to the hairs and is one of the best therapies for gain calmness and soothes the busy mind.

In Shiropichu therapy, specific warm medicated oils prepared from ayurvedic procedure (the type of the oil used depends upon the dosha type) are applied to the head with the help of cotton cloths and after that the person is provided a deep scalp massage.

Shirolepa: (Hair treatment)

Shirolepa is an ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment that soothes the stressed mind and provides extreme calmness. Shirolepa uses various herbs and fruits to make paste of various medicinal powders, which is then applied to the scalp, and the scalp is covered and tied with certain leaves.

Apart from beauty, shirolepa is quite effective in treatment of various ailments like migraines, insomnia, hypertension and headaches.






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