Home Remedies for Alcoholism


Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Home remedies for alcoholism are highly sought after due to growing number of alcoholics worldwide. The problem is rising with every passing day posing a threat to the society at several fronts. Before offering tips to combat alcoholism let us understand what is Alcoholism? Alcoholism is the condition in which a person becomes physically and mentally addicted to alcohol. Regular use of it produces various adverse effects on the social physical and mental well being of the alcoholics. Not only the person and his family but also society to an extent suffers due to problem of alcoholism. Whatever be the cause behind alcoholism you will offer you home remedy to fight alcoholism.

Some home remedies for Alcoholism


Grapes contains a form of alcohol and hence provides a healthy alternative to alcohol. The alcoholic should be given a good amount of grapes as a diet supplement for over a month to lessen his urge for alcohol.


The pretty good old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is still relevant and holds good for a treating alcoholism. The alcoholics should be given apples in moderate amount. He can eat apples as possible at regular intervals as it is helpful way to reduce craving for alcoholism. It is also helpful in clearing extra toxins from body.

Bitter Gourd Leaves

The next home remedy for the alcoholics is the leaf of bitter gourd. Due to its detoxifying properties the leaves of bitter gourd play an excellent role in treating. For the best results one should mix 3 tablespoons with a glass of buttermilk and give it to alcoholic. It is one of the best home remedies for alcoholism.


One of the most important home remedies for alcoholism is celery. For use you can squeeze out the juice of celery. Its juice has a sobering effect on alcoholics. For best affect you should mix half glass of celery juice with half glass of water and take it for a more than a month. This home remedy is good for the alcoholics.

Juicy home remedies for the alcoholics:

Take orange and sweet lime-juice as a part of the diet it will not only divert your attentions but also gives nourishment to your body and will impart immunity to your body.


Buttermilk could be a good option to lessen your urge for the alcoholic drinks. Besides diverting your attention alcohol also offers nutrients to your body.

Once you have dealt with the dietary part we should also some psychological tips to help the patient fight the habit of alcohol.

Strong will power:

We should encourage him to believe that quitting alcohol is possible. So many persons have quit the habit and are leading normal lifestyle. If person addicted to alcohol is willing to quit than it becomes easier to make him quit.

Daily exercise: A good exercise regimen reduces the urge for alcohol and thus quitting easier.

Enjoy a good company ? bid adieu to your alcoholic friends:

Live in a group of teetotalers so that you could leave far away from the alcohols. Here you can indulge yourself in creative activities that help you get rid of the habit.






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