Home Remedies for Blemishes


Home Remedies for Blemishes

Home Remedies for blemishes are highly effective in treating the marks on the skin. Blemishes are small spots on the skin that are caused due to boils, pigmentation, suntan, pimples, acne, itching, rashes and some other reasons. Blemsihes spoils beauty of your face and steals your confidence.

Causes of Blemishes

Hormonal changes

Genetic factors

Lack of proper nourishment

Natural body oils


Picking or squeezing the acne lesion

Low quality make up products

Overuse of cosmetics

Symptoms of Blemishes

Spots on the face

  • Severe acne

Severe itching

  • Presence of many black heads
  • Dry red rough skin

Home remedies for Blemishes


Lemon is one of the best home remedies for blemishes as it is rich in vitamin-C. For the best results one can apply juice or a freshly cut lemon on his face. To make it more effective one can mix it with sugar, rosewater, honey or turmeric powder. After applying this mixture on the face allow it to dry for 10-20 minutes before you wash. A mixture of orange peel with lemon peel powder is also a good remedy for the blemishes.


Due to its antibacterial properties, honey is considered a good home remedy for blemishes. One can apply fresh honey directly on the affected part. However it's going to be extremely stretchy. In addition to these, honey is also a disinfecting agent that destroys all the microbes responsible for skin pigmentation. Sterilized honey is good for checking the skin infections. One can also use a mixture of honey with turmeric powder or cinnamon powder as a home remedy for blemishes. Mixing honey with lemon juice could also be an effective remedy for blemishes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy for blemish/acne. Due to its antimicrobial properties this oil is an effective remedy against blemishes. You can directly apply the oil on the affected region or use some ingredients to make it more effective.

Raw Potato

Raw Potato's juice is an effective home remedy for blemishes and other spots. You can use the raw potatoes in the various forms.

These home remedies for blemishes are cost effective and helpful in curing these spots on skin.






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