Home Remedies for Body Odor


Home Remedies for Body Odor

An Overview of Body Odor:

Most of us often look for the home remedies for body odor as it puts us in embarrassing situations. Body odor is any unpleasant smell that comes out of our body. Body odor is caused due to perspiration and heavy exercises. In some cases prolonged illness could also be a reason.

Causes of body odor:

Prolonged or chronic illness

  • Taking some drugs that causes bad odor
  • Some foods and drinks also causes bad body odor
  • Anxiety
  • Menopause
  • Hormonal imbalance

Symptoms of Body Odor:

Excessive sweating or nervousness is manifested in those suffering from body odor. There is no specific symptom except the bad odor.

Home Remedies for Body Odor:


Radish is one of the most common home remedies for body odor. One should mix the juice of radish with some drops of glycerin. One should apply the mixture on the feet armpit and all the parts that sweat. Its application checks sweating and resultant body odor.


Potato is another efficient home remedy for body odor. For applications one should cut thin slices of potato and rub them on the regions more prone to sweating. It keeps your body cool and checks the body odor.


You might get amazed but alcohol is natural home remedy for body odor. You should take pure alcohol and mix some white vinegar to it. Apply this mixture on the whole body and more specifically to the sweat prone parts of the body. It also controls the bad odor to the body.


One of the most natural and most cost-effective home remedies for body odor is water. One should increase the intake of water and take 7-8 glasses of water. This increased intake of water controls perspiration and hence body odor.

Rosemary Oil:

Take a cup of water and add some rosemary oil into it. If rosemary oil is not available you can also use tree oil instead. Apply this mixture one underarm, back, thighs, chest and neck and other parts of the body that perspires more. It is an effective home remedy for body odor.

Wheat Grass

Eating 500 mg of wheat grass with a glass of water in empty stomach also acts as a deterrent for body odor as the chlorophyll present in the grass will help in reducing body odor. Also, it is good way to control perspiration.

Turnip (Shalgum):

Take juice of fresh turnip and apply this one the body parts more likely to perspire. It is an excellent home remedy for body odor and even controls sweating to a great extent.


Extract the juice of some fresh tomatoes and two cups of o juice in your bathtub. Allow you to soak into this bathtub for some minutes. One you finish bathing you will get rid of the body odor for the day.

Herbal Tea

If you have a tongue for tea, your love can give you respite from the body odor. You can include herbal teas made of sage as a new habit. This habit will give you respite from body odor as well as perspiration. But here is a word of caution; pregnant women should refrain from this tea.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a good home remedy for body odor. For good results apply it under your arms, neck area and hands. It controls sweating and body odor.

Peanut Butter

One can apply some fresh peanut butter in the reason more like to sweat and perspire. Apply this home remedy for body odor at night before going to sleep. It will give relief from body odor and perspiration.

Baby Powder

You can ask the remedy for the body odor from your toddler. Yes, you have read well; you can apply small amount of baby powder on the sweat prone parts of the body to get rid of sweating and resultant body odor.


One can chew the fresh parsley and alfalfa leaves and any other leafy and use the power of chlorophyll as a natural deodorant.

Rose Water:

Experience the magical power of rosewater to combat bad odor and add 15-20 drops of rose water in your bathtub while going for a bath. It is a natural deodorant and an efficient home remedy for body odor.

By taking care of these minute details you can get rid of your problem of body odor.






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