Home Remedies for Body Rashes


Home Remedies for Body Rashes

Home remedies for body rashes are highly effective in curing the symptoms that may cause discomfort to the person suffering from the body rashes. Body rashes are evident in the form of inflammation on the surface of the body that may result in changing the texture and color of the affected part. Sometimes the body rashes may come with itching and burning sensations.

Causes of body Rashes

Allergy caused by cloth or fabric

  • hives
  • Eczema

Contract Dermatitis

Allergy From certain foodstuffs

Allergy From certain cosmetics



Presence of Lice

Athelet's Foot

Meningococcal disease

Symptoms of Body Rashes

Red bumps on the skin with or without the itching sensation

Burning sensation on the skin

Home remedies for Body Rashes:

One of most effective home remedies for body rashes is olive oil. So apply olive oil over the affected part.

One can also make a mixture of olive oil with some drops of water. Mix the mixture sometime so that it becomes inseparable. Apply this mixture on the affected region.

Known for its moisturizing properties Aloe Vera gel is a great home remedy for treating the body rashes.

For the best effects one can mix Aloe Vera gel with cod liver oil and Vitamin E. this mixture will be of great help while treating body rashes.

Application of baking powder also gives good results in body rashes.

Oatmeal bath could be an ideal home remedy for body rashes. For best results put a cup of oatmeal into the bathtub and soak yourself for a while.

Washing body rashes with chamomile tea also helps in healing.

One should put a poultice soaked in dandelion, chaparral and yellow dock root. It will diminish the rashes in very short span of time.

Put a poultice soaked in comfrey tea or calcium water. It soothes the body rashes.

Take 2 tsp dry clay, 1 tsp vitamin C powder, 1 tsp golden-seal powder and 1 tsp comfrey root powder. Make a mixture of all these things and apply it on the affected region.

These home remedies for body rashes are very beneficial for treating these rashes on the skin.






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