Home Remedies for ENT Disorders


Home Remedies for ENT disorders

Home remedies for ENT disorders help in overcoming the problems caused in the ears, nose and throat. As these part of the body are highly prone to disease and having power of home remedies on your side is of immense help.

Causes of ENT disorders:

· Fungal infections that attack ear nose and throat
· Bacterial infection that is evident in the from of Otitis media.
· Staphylococcus aureus bacteria infect the nasal cavities.
· Streptococcus bacterium causes strep throat

Symptoms of ENT disorders:

· Increased nasal discharge along with headaches is a symptoms of sinusitis
· Drowsiness
· Early-morning headaches
· Disturbed sleep
· Pyrexia congestion
· Nausea
· Tiredness
· Trouble in swallowing
· Increased lymph nodes
· Sore throat combined
· Tonsillitis.

Home remedies for ENT disorders:

• Gargling with a saline tincture is one of the excellent home remedies for ENT Disorders.

• Mix some eucalyptus oil or spearmint oil in boiled water some and inhale its vapors.

• Herbs like sage and thyme are excellent home remedies for ENT disorders.

• Take beet juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice in the ratio of 1:1:3. This concoction is ideal for treating ENT disorders.

• Honey is also an excellent home remedy for highly ENT troubles.

• Herbal teas ma made of basil leaves, ginger and black pepper are good home remedies for ENT Disorders.

• Garlic oil, olive oil, clove oil, basil juice, ginger juice and onion juice are ideal home remedies ENT Disorders.






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