Home Remedies for Gout


Home Remedies for Gout

Home remedies for gout are of much help to those suffering from this disease that is a result of excess uric acid in the body. This excess uric acid prompts the formation of tiny crystals of urate that get deposited in the joints. This deposition results in joint inflammation.

Causes of Gout:

  • Genetic factors
  • Puberty in men
  • Menopause in women
  • Excess intake of alcohol
  • Excess intake of red meats
  • Distress
  • Starvation and dehydration,
  • Chemotherapy
  • Certain medicines

Symptoms of Gout

Asymptomatic Stage:

  • Uric acid level in the blood increaes
  • There are no symptoms.

Acute Stage:

  • Abrupt pain in the joints
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Joints appear red and bruised

Intercritical Stage:

  • This part is without symptoms
  • The stage can last for five to ten years

Chronic Stage:

  • Deposits of large urate in the cartilage and tissues
  • Regular pain in the joints
  • Sores appears
  • Stiffness in joint
  • Movement becomes painful

Home Remedies for Gout:

  • Apples are highly effective home remedy for gout. So patients are advised to include this in their daily diet.
  • One should squeeze a lemon in a 1 glass of water and take it 3 times a day to get comfort.
  • Juice of French beans has a remedial effect on gout. One should take half cup of juice daily for a month to get relief.
  • Juice of raw vegetable offers great relief from gout handling. One should make a mixture or juices of carrot, beet and cucumber.
  • A charcoal bath also provides some relief from the gout.





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