Home Remedies for Oral Candidiasis


p>Home Remedies for Oral Candidiasis

People suffering from oral candidiasis, often resorts to home remedies for Oral Candidiasis, to get rid of it. The disease is also called thrush and caused by a fungus called candida. The disease is not confined to mouth only but it can occur in other parts as well like area around bums in infants and vagina in women.

Causes of Oral Thrush

Intake of antibiotics
Weakened immune systems
High blood pressure due to diabetes

Symptoms of Oral Candidiasis

Whitish, velvety lesions in the mouth
These red tissues also bleed
These lesions can appear large

Home Remedies for oral Candidiasis

· Aromatherapy is one of the best remedies for candida.

· Tea tree or cinnamon bark oils have been found effective in the treatment of oral candidiasis.

· Sometimes peppermint oil is an effective home remedy for candida or oral thrush.

· Application of rosemary oil on the affected areas has also been found effective in the treatment of oral thrush.

· Olive leaves with their antimicrobial qualities have been found effective in the treatment of candida.

· Regular application of aloe vera gel on the affected areas is also an effective home remedy for the treatment of candidiasis.

· You should take raw garlic every day or use it in your diet as garlic is well known for its anti fungal action. freshly extracted garlic juice can also be applied to get benefit from the infection of candida.
· Lavender is also effective in the treatment of oral candidiasis. In order to get benefited one should use add some drops of lavender oil or flower extract in bathtub.







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