Panchakarma Treatment Center in Delhi


We are living in an age which is experiencing great tumult in lifestyle irregularities of different types and all these lifestyle irregularities are continuing to present great array of health care challenges, ranging from the chronic and frequent ones to the critical ones. Accumulation of toxic substance is still a great problem that is responsible for great many diseases and health disorders including that of stomach and gastrointestinal system to cardiovascular function to endocrine system to lungs and breathing tract to many other crucial organs and functions. In relation to our introduction here with the panchakarma treatment center in Delhi we must consider this huge and burgeoning effect of lifestyle irregularities on our life. As toxicity and accumulation of toxic substances continue to pose great range of health care challenges with disastrous consequence in deteriorating health condition of millions of people all over the world, clearing off these toxic substances from the body is a crucial thing for holistic medical tradition like Ayurveda., the Ayurvedic holistic online medical guide that played a crucial role in the publicizing various Ayurvedic and holistic treatment methods for among online audience spread all around the globe recently came up with its own multi specialty clinic in North Delhi Rohini area for the treatment of various critical as well as chronic diseases and already became well known for its state of the art facility for complex Ayurvedic treatment processes like panchakarma which is a detoxification process the objective of which is to relieve the body of toxic substances accumulated in various parts of the body. This super specialty modern Ayurvedic clinic which is not only one of the top panchakarma treatment centers in Delhi but of the whole country advocates and practices the authentic and traditional process of panchakarma without incorporating any change into them.

What is Panchakarma?

Ayurveda, the ancient healing science f holistic tradition is known for its great array of treatments that is completely devoid of any side effects or adverse effects unlike modern medical drugs of allopathic tradition. Panchakarma is the detoxification process in the Ayurvedic system of medication with great range of therapeutic benefits for the overall organic functions of the body. Panchakarma relates to the process where the various shrotas or fluid carrying canals are purified from their accumulation of toxic substances and secondly through panchakarma various types of congestions in different organic functions and processes are cleared to make way for smooth passage of body fluid and air. This is the precise reason why panchakarma is the treatment that assures the basis of smooth organic function in its completeness and that is the reason why it is advocated as the most important stepping stone in the hierarchy of Ayurvedic treatment. Panchakarma in its clinical understanding must be understood in accordance to different detoxification procedures and different medical urgencies.

Before we present the panchakarma treatment center in Delhi we must take a glance at the meaning of Panchakarma in its authentic definition and different detoxification processes associated with it. As per the linguistic meaning of the word panchakarma refers to five actions or five primary processes of detoxification that purifies the body in its organic totality. According to Ayurveda our natural state of body is healthy in nature except when our organic process face some challenging conditions through malfunctioning of certain elements or through incoherence in our organic functioning. As per the experts and Ayurvedic practitioners of online holistic medical guide, panchakarma is the process of treatment that requires certain medical preparation which is called in Ayurvedic terminology as Purvakarma or prior action before Pradhanakarma or the main course of treatment.


According to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom the body has to be prepared to receive the treatment of panchakarma and encourage the release of toxins when the actual detoxification process of panchakarma begins. This process is named as Purvakarma in Ayurvedic science and consists of mainly two procedures, Snehana and Swedana. Snehana is basically the oil massage treatments which is otherwise called also as Abhyangam and through this oil massage the tissues of the skin and muscles are made supple, flexible and soft and apart from preparing the body for panchakarma treatment this also nourishes the nervous function. Swedana is the name of the process that follows immediately after Snehana. It is basically is the Ayurvedic process of medicated sweating that helps to release toxins through sweating.


Vamana is the therapeutic vomiting in Ayurvedic detoxification treatment of panchakarma that plays a crucial and important role in releasing the congestion in the chest and this is particularly beneficial in diseases like asthma, bronchitis, cough and cold, etc.


Virechana is the purgation therapy practiced in panchakarma for release of accumulated toxins of bile from the gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, liver and small intestine and as accumulated bile is the main reason behind several regular health disorders like skin problem, acne, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, jaundice, this panchakarma therapy is also one of the most effective.


Nasya is the crucial treatment for the disorderly nervous function and health disorders emanating from toxin accumulation in sinus, nervous function, head and throat. As nose is the nearest possible outlet and directly connected to all these portions of body Nasya is the appropriate detoxification process for all these portions of body.


Basti is the enema therapy for all types of Vata disorder where the herbal concoction is used in the rectum to cure a wide array of health disorders and diseases like constipation, distention, chronic fever, sexual disorder, kidney stone, heart disorder, gastric and other digestive problems, etc.

Apart from this main course of treatment or detoxification there are great array of other forms of treatment that are practiced in Panchakarma therapy without which we cannot conclude our discussion on Panchakarma treatment center in Delhi. There is a wide array of hot oil therapy in panchakarma like hrid basti, janu basti, greeba basti, koti basti, etc. and all these treatments are basically externally administered hot oil massage on various portions of the body by applying herbal hot oil within a small round barrage of dough on the skin.






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